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Submitted on: May 23, 2020 at 06:14 PM
Race and Class
Gnome Warlock
What made you choose to apply to Knightmare?

my buddy asked me that i lvled with.

We currently have two raid groups. Which of the following raid groups would you be able to attend consistently?

Saturday 7:15 PM EST

Do you have constraints that would limit your raid attendance? If so, how often do you anticipate that these will occur?

i cant do weekdays during evening. i work swing shift

Please list any previous vanilla WoW raiding experience from either Blizzard vanilla WoW or private server.

i have played and raided in vanilla. during bc i raided hardcore.

What steps do you take to be prepared for raids to ensure you perform well?

i bring my own consumables

How do you evaluate your own performance in raids?

i think i am a very good knowing what warlocks do and need

Do you have any recent WarcraftLogs data to provide from a raid you performed in?

i was in sat may 23 zg this morning. i dont know if they did logs or not

Would you consider yourself a more casual or hardcore player? What does casual or hardcore play mean to you?

casual is just log in and play time to time. hardcore is playing daily for few hours and taking raids serous. i think i am closer to hardcore.

Are you comfortable using Discord to always listen and occasionally speak while in raids?


What spec are you planning to use in raid? Please link the exact build using this Talent Calculator:


Please list any addons you use.

classic threat, dbm, atlas loot, honor spy,details, gather mate 2, classic aura durations, charactoer stats classic, questie, titan panel classc, omnicc.



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