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Submitted on: May 09, 2020 at 12:26 PM
Race and Class
Night Elf Warrior
What made you choose to apply to Knightmare?

I was referred by my old GM Sovereign from Stronghold who said that Knightmare would be a good fit for me since I like comradery, am leveling towards end game play and am available most of the time. I already joined the guild and am looking forward to hitting 60 soon so I can raid as a part of the team.

We currently have two raid groups. Which of the following raid groups would you be able to attend consistently?

Tuesday 8:15 PM EST

Do you have constraints that would limit your raid attendance? If so, how often do you anticipate that these will occur?

With notice I can schedule my raids just like anything else and they would become a priority.

Please list any previous vanilla WoW raiding experience from either Blizzard vanilla WoW or private server.


What steps do you take to be prepared for raids to ensure you perform well?

Fully repaired, all flasks/pots necessary, arrive beforehand, watch all necessary videos, read all necessary articles, check for gear upgrades and upgrade if necessary, find out what role I will be expected to perform ahead of time so I know exactly what is expected of me (take out totems, off tank adds, etc), speak very briefly with raid leader ahead of time about anything pertinent to me my first time there that I may not have caught from videos or articles that they know of from personal experience, - basically I like to prepare in advance if given the chance - the more time I am given the more I can prepare.

How do you evaluate your own performance in raids?

I compare my performance against what I know to be a perfect performance. I am a perfectionist when it comes to what I expect of myself.

Do you have any recent WarcraftLogs data to provide from a raid you performed in?


Would you consider yourself a more casual or hardcore player? What does casual or hardcore play mean to you?

I don't play enough to be able to consider myself a true hardcore player. Hardcore player to me means that everytime you log on, that person is on. Every night that person is raiding or running dungeons. I don't meet those criteria. I play just about every day, but not all day. I haven't hit 60 yet so I am not raiding yet. My performance is not Hardcore. Once I hit 60, I plan to play more, but I still doubt I will be on all day every day as I play BFA (retail) as well.

Are you comfortable using Discord to always listen and occasionally speak while in raids?


What spec are you planning to use in raid? Please link the exact build using this Talent Calculator:
Please list any addons you use.

Threat Plates
Titan Panel Classic
Guild Helper Classic



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