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Submitted on: Mar 18, 2020 at 12:20 PM
Race and Class
Gnome Mage
What made you choose to apply to Knightmare?

My DKP Guild is disbanding this week.

We currently have two raid groups. Which of the following raid groups would you be able to attend consistently?

Saturday 7:15 PM EST

Do you have constraints that would limit your raid attendance? If so, how often do you anticipate that these will occur?

just work 8am-5pm M-F so I can prob do Tuesday, but would prefer fri, sat, sun nights

Please list any previous vanilla WoW raiding experience from either Blizzard vanilla WoW or private server.

We got 4/8 BWL in my previous guild. Just could not get past firemaw and we started losing people. We got MC done in about 2 hours on one of our good runs. I played back in WOTLK and killed LK.

What steps do you take to be prepared for raids to ensure you perform well?

Get my Greater Arcane elixirs and Elixir of frost power, and make sure I have plenty of Major mana pots

How do you evaluate your own performance in raids?

Starting to get a little better as I get better gear. Just got my T2 Pants and using the 3/8 T1 set Helm, boots, gloves

Do you have any recent WarcraftLogs data to provide from a raid you performed in?

They said they logged the last raid but I cannot seem to find the link for it.

Would you consider yourself a more casual or hardcore player? What does casual or hardcore play mean to you?

Not sure to be honest. I just want to get the best possible gear to do the highest possible DPS. I would say it means something different to each person. Hardcore would be spending every waking moment focusing on Wow and improving efficiency on all your toons. Casual can be alot of things from a novice, to a experienced player.

Are you comfortable using Discord to always listen and occasionally speak while in raids?


What spec are you planning to use in raid? Please link the exact build using this Talent Calculator:

I am winters chill spec now as they needed one for my old guild, but I can change to whatever spec you need me to.

Please list any addons you use.

OmniCC, Vendor Price, Monolith DKP, Atlas, Leatrix Maps, TomTom, ClassicThreatMeter, AtlasLootClassic, ItemRack Classic, CharacterStatsClassic, DBM, ClassicAuraDuration, Prat 3.0, Spy Classic, Recount, Bagnon, Auctioneer, Questie, ClassicCastbars, Decursive, Atlas Classic Wow, Honorspy.



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