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Submitted on: Feb 17, 2020 at 06:39 PM
Race and Class
Dwarf Priest
What made you choose to apply to Knightmare?

Clover and Akkius

We currently have two raid groups. Which of the following raid groups would you be able to attend consistently?

Saturday 7:15 PM EST

Do you have constraints that would limit your raid attendance? If so, how often do you anticipate that these will occur?

My work schedule sometimes bleeds over into Saturday, but rarely. I also have 6 kids and a few play travel soccer. I would anticipate 1 Saturday a quarter.

Please list any previous vanilla WoW raiding experience from either Blizzard vanilla WoW or private server.

Played wow since it started - always a priest as a main. Raiding experience limited to MC and Onxy.

What steps do you take to be prepared for raids to ensure you perform well?

Depends on what you need. I have 300 cooking and Alch and I prepare during the week gathering mats.

How do you evaluate your own performance in raids?

I don't chase numbers or glory... success of the group greater than individual stats. I follow my healing assignments and adjust if someone else falls. Priority is the tank, fellow healers, then dps.

Do you have any recent WarcraftLogs data to provide from a raid you performed in?


Would you consider yourself a more casual or hardcore player? What does casual or hardcore play mean to you?

Hard casual. I play everyday, I know the fights, study other healers, prepare for raids but I'm not going to come unhinged if I lose a roll. To me hardcore is someone who works weeks for an extra +10 healing piece. Hardcore people can lose their piece of mind over a piece of gear in my interpretation.

Are you comfortable using Discord to always listen and occasionally speak while in raids?


What spec are you planning to use in raid? Please link the exact build using this Talent Calculator:
Please list any addons you use.

Tiny Threat plugin



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